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“Sense the next” – at CES 2023 ams OSRAM shows how its latest advanced optical technology helps address global challenges

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  •  Company to showcase how optical technology is advancing safety, health and comfort for various application areas
  •  The demonstrations will focus on automotive and mobility, consumer (mobile and wearable), medical, industrial and horticulture application areas under the motto “Sense the next”
  •  Showcase highlights include dynamic forward lighting, guidance systems for autonomous robots, smart water- and air treatment with UV-C light and 24/7 vital signs monitoring for smart watch applications

– ams OSRAM (SIX: AMS), a global leader in optical solutions, announced today it will demonstrate how its latest sensing and lighting solutions are enriching people’s lives at CES, Las Vegas January 5-8 2023.

At the two ams OSRAM locations visitors will experience how ams OSRAM combines sensors and emitters to create advanced optical systems for its customers. The leading-edge technology, solutions and systems on show at CES 2023 will enable customers in the industrial, automotive and mobility, consumer (mobile and wearable), industrial, healthcare and horticulture markets to develop solutions which make life better for everyone.

Pierre Laboisse, Executive Vice President for Global Sales and Marketing at ams OSRAM, said: ‘At CES we will invite our customers to “Sense the next” in optical technology. The show is the perfect opportunity to experience our breakthrough optical innovations that make our lives safer, smarter and more sustainable. Optical technology has become an indispensable part of our modern digital society. As an innovation leader we are excited to showcase how our advanced optical solutions enable our customers to stay ahead of the curve.’

“Sensing the new wave in automotive lighting”

Automotive and Mobility Suite – Location: Tech East, LVCC, Tech East, LVCC, West Level 3, Meeting Rooms – W301, where highlights include:

  •  Dynamic Forward Lighting – With more than 25,000 individually controllable pixels, Eviyos will bring HD-quality projections onto the road without glare while enabling the projection of approved warning signs
  •  In-cabin 3D driver monitoring system based on advanced infrared emitters and image sensors, and incorporating Smart Eye software for detecting phenomena such as driver distraction or drowsiness
  •  Interior lighting – The new OSIRE® E5515 LED – side-looking automotive RGB LEDs in thin, smart structures using an innovative in-mold process and validated for use in IMSE® technology from TactoTek
  •  LiDAR – Discover ams OSRAM’s broad LiDAR emitters portfolio
  •  Hands on detection – Experience the industry’s first completely reliable solution for handson detection enabling car manufacturers to comply with UN/ECE safety regulation
  •  Exterior lighting – A full-width rear lamp system which is just 5mm deep, based on SYNIOS® P1515 side-looker LEDs

“Sensing the Next” in consumer and industrial application trends<

Location: Venetian Conference and Expo Center – Tech West, Venetian Expo, Level 3 Meeting Rooms – San Polo 3402. Some of the company’s demonstrations include:

Mobile, wearables and vital sign demos

  •  No distortion behind-OLED ambient light and proximity sensor
  • Demonstration of a reference design of a smart watch which can accurately measure vital signs such as heart rate, ECG and blood pressure 24/7
  •  Groundbreaking smart glasses solution based on the breakthrough VegalasTM miniature laser infrared projection system
  •  Mira global shutter image sensors convince with their high quantum efficiency at visible and near infrared light spectrum. Their low-power characteristics and small size make them ideal for robotics and AR/VR applications

Industry area

  •  Optical technologies for next-generation robotics: ranging and localization technologies include the new TMF882x direct time-of-flight sensors, an active stereo vision 3D mapping demonstration in collaboration with premium partner Teknique, and a structured lighting system using ams OSRAM dot pattern illuminators
  •  UV-C air- and water treatment demonstrators combine robust and efficient UV-C LED emitters with the new AS7331 3-channel spectral UV-A/-B/-C sensor, so systems can accurately monitor UV-C dosage and detect the bioluminescence of bacteria
  •  Smoke detector based on the AS7343 spectral sensor which can distinguish the smoke generated by different types of fire

Horticulture area

  •  Discover the new standard for professional horticulture applications. Flexible and efficient designs for top-/ inter-lighting and vertical farming solutions for greenhouses
  •  Closed-loop optimization of horticultural lighting with a combination of award-winning OSLON® Square LED with Batwing lens and the AS7343 14-channel spectral sensor

If you are not able to visit us at CES 2023, please visit our new 360-degree virtual showroom to discover our innovative optical solutions for your application needs

For more information on our participation at CES, visit the ams OSRAM CES page. If you would like to participate in a press tour or talk to one of our experts, please contact

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