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An Exclusive Chat with Abhishek Shukla, Vendor Development & Marketing of Saison Components

Abhishek Shukla

1. Please tell me about Saison Components?

Saison came into existence as an extension of Innovate Group, which was established by Mr. Vivek Shukla in the year 2003 with a motive to become a leading electronic components distributor in India.

Our motive is to provide the best quality services to our customers from the designing stage.We work with foreign OEMs as their authorized representative in India. This is to save double investment in warehousing/Logistics at two places i.e. at the manufacturer’s place and distributor’s place.

We feel this is a more transparent way of working and gives a strong feeling of being bonded.Our vision is to emerge as the largest components and solution provider in the field of Renewable Energy, Defense, Space,Telecom, Automobile, Power, Medical, Lighting, and Consumer electronics industry.

2. What do you think about the automotive industry?

If we talk about Automotive Industry, we are considering very large sectors which are not only benefiting its employees but also contributing to the growth of the Country. The contribution of the automobile sector to the overall GDP of India stands around 7% and if I include manufacturing in that it will be around 49% which is very huge.

Now we can clearly see how technology is helping the Automotive industry is taking the technological curve like with the help of Artificial intelligence vehicle can drive itself which is called an Autonomous Vehicle. Moreover, we can also access vehicle information on our phones. So we can conclude that the future of the Automotive Industry is very bright.

3. What is your Say on the growing EV market?

See like I mentioned that the industry is moving at a very fast rate. If we go back in time like 10-12 years back we use to think that there is no scope for Electric vehicles in India. At that time many of us didn’t even know about it.

But now what we see is that companies have not only started manufacturing electric vehicles but also begun to research the alternative to Lithium-ion batteries, which are mostly imported from China.

Not only this, but the government is also having great plans for EVs in 2015 they have started Faster Adoption and manufacturing of Hybrid & Electric vehicles in India (FAME India), then after this in 2019, Nation Mission on Transformation Mobility and battery Storage.

So I am just trying to say that the EV market is booming in India.

Now if we compare the market size of EV in 2015 and the market size of EV in 2021 you will find a drastic change and 2-3 years from now we will see Technology advancement will be so great.

We already witness that because of this many new start-ups have been formed and they are doing great in their particular fields.

4. What are Saison Solutions for the EV Industry?

We as an organization have already dug our feet in the field of Renewable energy, Defense, Lighting, Telecom, and automobiles.

All this has happened because of our dedicated team of Engineers from different fields such as Electronics and Automobiles who have a common vision i.e. to work on the latest and upcoming technologies.

Saison is supporting the manufacturers and designers by providing excellent quality components and products so that the components requirement does not hinder the development.

We have been successful in introducing many components from Canada, America, Germany, Korea, Taiwan, and China such as Supercapacitors, AC/DC Converter, NTC Thermistor, Shunts,

Crystal, Oscillator, GPS Antenna, Wireless Charging Coil, RF Antenna, and Connectors Etc.

So if I talk about EV and BMS we have lots of offering in these Applications and also if I talk about the quality of our product, most of the components are Automotive-grade so by that you can have a rough idea about the quality.

5. How has the pandemic affected your business & sales?

This is a very common question nowadays. We all have seen what goes around the world. In the same way, we also have some effect of the pandemic on our business and we still can’t say that had we seen the worst or not? But Yes, It affected our business. When it all started in March 2020, we do not have a single clue that what we have to do, everyone was locked in their houses, worried about the situation.

As months pass we have started coping up with slow speed, we have not opened the office but yeah we have connected through various meeting platforms and now we are back on track.

6. What is Saison doing to prepare for future growth?

We as an organization have the single vision to work on the Upcoming Technology. In that, we have included various segments such as IoT, and to support that we have different components. All this has happened because we have a dedicated team of Engineers who work upon these requirements.

We plan to create a Pan India distribution and after-sales service network for the Electronic industry. In the future we also wish to expand our operations to SAARC (South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation) countries. We want to emerge as the largest components and solution provider in every Segment.


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