Solutions for 2-Wheeled Vehicles


Improve Safety, Reliability, and Efficiency

Allegro’s broad portfolio of IC solutions are optimized for two-wheelers, be they on or off-road motorcycles, scooters, or e-bikes. These ICs enable enhanced safety, convenience, and efficiency, and ease regulatory compliance and electrification. They are the result of decades of transportation industry expertise and our proven automotive-grade manufacturing processes and quality systems.


  • Magnetic Speed-Sensor ICs to ease compliance with safety (ABS) and combustion engine efficiency mandates
  • Efficient, fault-tolerant LED Lighting solutions that save power and provide a high-end look and feel
  • Motor Driver ICs and Current Sensor ICs for compact, efficient hybrid/electric powertrains and pumps
  • Upgrades for failure-prone reed/micro-switches and potentiometers in driver interface, powertrain, and safety applications
  • Linear and Angle Position Sensor ICs for accurate throttle control and position detection for improved engine efficiency, gear position and fuel level sensing

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