Portable Versatile Tools for Circuit Testing & Debugging On the Go

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Digilent and Excelpoint will hold a webinar entitled “Portable versatile tools for circuit testing and debugging”.  All participants will stand a chance to win attractive prizes in the lucky draw.

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With the trend of smaller lab spaces and engineering teams becoming more geographically distributed, companies are choosing all-in-one multifunctional instruments as a supplement to traditional laboratories, creating a demand for portable test and measurement solutions that can support all types of circuit designs. Engineers and students can now make use Digilent portable test and measurement instruments to support their circuit projects and learning anytime anywhere. Digilent’s line of portable test and measurement products are equipped with oscilloscope, logic analyzer, waveform generator and other user-friendly features, allowing engineers to continue their circuit design work without having to step into the laboratories to access traditional benchtop equipment.

Introducing Digilent’s latest “Analog Discovery Pro” that is smaller and lighter than a laptop. It connects to a host computer through one of its four high-speed USB 2.0 ports or through its Ethernet interface, and it is controlled by the free WaveForms software from Digilent running on the host. This software, refined by over 10 years of customer feedback, provides a superior user experience with functionalities competitive with that of traditional benchtop instruments and is compatible with macOS, Windows, and Linux operating systems. With the different methods of automating tasks – math channels, scripts, and Linux mode – the “Analog Discovery Pro” is capable of supporting engineers in research and validation, as well as testing complex systems, thereby reducing the design cycle time and improving productivity.

Program agenda:

  1. Introduce Digilent line of portable test and measurement devices
  2. Using Scripting, advanced triggering and software filtering for decreasing mean time to test
  3. Review the importance of performing mixed signal analysis in digital circuit design
  4. Question and answers (“Q&A”) session

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