GCF webinar sets scene on C-V2X automotive certification


GCF C-V2X Certified, Weds 6 October 2021, 10am EDT/3pm BST/4pm CEST (online)

The Global Certification Forum (GCF) will be hosting a webinar on cellular vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X) certification on Wednesday 6 October. At the event, a team of industry experts will explain why certification is key to the effective rollout of C-V2X systems and how it can be implemented successfully now.

The growth of autonomous and semi-autonomous transportation systems will be a key megatrend of this decade. Within this trend, the capabilities of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) will continue to increase and they will become more prevalent. High speed wireless communications between vehicles and infrastructure, especially C-V2X communications, are crucial to the successful rollout of these advances in Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). And proven interoperability between C-V2X devices is essential to ensure the safety and reliability of all such systems.

The GCF C-V2X Certified virtual event brings together experts from industry bodies, equipment vendors, test houses and certification authorities to share their knowledge of C-V2X, as its rollout begins. Topics covered will include the current standards landscape for automotive and C-V2X, the anticipated global market opportunity for connected mobility, GCF’s certification programme for C-V2X which is supported by 5GAA, and how testing and certification will work in practice. The event will conclude with a panel discussion and opportunity for audience questions.

GCF C-V2X Certified: C-V2X Certification and the Roadmap to Connected Mobility is a 2-hour, free of charge, online event created for people who are interested in Intelligent Transportation Systems and want to learn about the progress to full interoperability.

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