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Xbox 360 console

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The Xbox 360 console and the Xbox 360 controller are the latest windows successful game gadgets that have more 54 million units have been sold worldwide. But eventually Kinect is holding the Guinness world record of fastest selling the consumer electronics device ever in the slot. Approximately 8 million units were sold in the first 60 days by Kinect after its release. The company Kinect has derived its name from the words Kinetic and connect combined together and this is used fro the devices that connects to Xbox 360.

It is basically a black coloured box bar that has some specialized cameras , 3 D infrared light distance and motion sensors along with voice and facial recognition. This enables the player to use its gestures and speech instead of controls. In Xbox360 controller. It will automatically locate you in your play room and not only this it will also locate your 48 body parts , to acknowledge how you move, walk, stand and your facial expressions.

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