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. World’s smallest temperature sensor powered by radio waves

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Scientist at the Eindhove University of Technology (IT/e) have been finding a way to deduce and develop the wireless temperature sensor that will be measuring 2mm and will weigh around 1.6 mg in all. This will be powered by the  radio waves as a part of wireless sensor device under wireless network. Thus this deducing that the sensor would not be requiring battery to power and pump it up , thus it will be a breakthrough for all the smart applications.

This sensor will be normally based on the 65nm CMOS technology that is all the way designed for this articular device router. It will be having an antennae that will sense and store the energy and once it gets to the full mark it switched on and measure the temperature and thus ends back the signal to the router. For now the current version will be 2.5 cm later on it will be extended to 1 m . and then finally to  the range of 5 m . It is so designed so as to maintain the energy consumption to the lowest .

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