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World’s Smallest Magnetic Data Storage


There  will be an era where many of teh technologies will be taken towards nanoscale. According to the recent studies it has been found that many of our daily used gadgets like tablets, mobiles, laptops, computers, cameras are going under major changes. a group of scientist from IBM and CFEL has successfully deduced the world’s most smallest magnetic storage unit.  It only requires twelve atom to store a bit data. If we talk about conventional memory units than they require around half a billion of atoms to store one byte of memory data, whereas this new storage unit will only require 96 atoms to store a byte memory and thus this device will be termed as nanogadgets.

this technique has been achieved by making atom over atom using STM technology at the IBM research center.They have made a regular pattern of nano atoms over each other and made a nano structure that is hundred times best than the old one. STM is used to write the data on the memory units.  it has two magnetic states each of which represents a zero or a one respectively. A some what weaker electronics pulse is used to read data from it. Past hard drives or memory devices uses ferromagnetism to store data but this new unit takes teh help of anti ferromagnetism.



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