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World’s first integrated EMI filter for automotive Ethernet connectivity

Worlds first integrated EMI filter for automotive Ethernet connectivity_popup

STMicroelectronics has released a highly integrated solution called  EMIF02-01OABRY that is basically designed to provide solution to suppress EMI noise in the automotive supplies application according to the BroadR reach interfaces . This EMI suppressing low pass filter will be featuring 15 Kv iso 10605 protection and it will be AEC Q101 qualified along with it. Uptil now designers were only involved in the discrete concepts  and components to design the EMI filters that will be compatible with BroadR Reach specs . There may be large dispersion between the discrete networks and the compotes to be significant according to the time and cost.
The EMIF02-01OABRY is basically claimed to provide validated solutions making the cost of the end applications the will be faster and accurate. it will definitely operate on the temperature range of -4 degree Celsius to 125 degree Celsius. It will return a loss of -20 dB at 60 MHz attenuation profile.
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