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Weightless-P to ‘revolutionise’ IoT connectivity


More revolutionizing is been done to low power WAN that is LPWAN market under which the weightless SIG has recently unveiled its weightless P that is basically an open tailored that will be providing wide area connectivity to IoT.  This duplex wireless link will be supporting and connecting with data rates that will be upto 100 Kbits along a network that is mobile phone. This is made to work under the sub 1GHz spectrum to develop the devices based on the weightless P and will be having an option to work under 12.5kHz narrowband technology as well.

Professor William Webb, CEO of the Weightless SIG, said: “Weightless-P is a turning point in LPWAN technology; no longer does the IoT community need to compromise between performance and cost when making connectivity decisions. Weightless-P is the definitive open standard for wide area IoT connectivity.”



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