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Ultrahaptics appoints Vice President of Product

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Gareth Iwan Jones

Ultrahaptics, the global leader in mid-air haptic technology, has appointed Rob Blenkinsopp as Vice-President of Product. Rob was Ultrahaptics’ employee #1 back in November 2013, having helped develop the platform on which the touchless haptic technology runs.

Blenkinsopp graduated from the University of Bristol with a first class MEng degree. During his time at university, Blenkinsopp acted as the lead architect for developing the platform that eventually became the basis for the Ultrahaptics system, helping it to be realised as a commercially viable product.

Appointed as an Engineering Team Lead when Ultrahaptics was founded, Blenkinsopp has guided the technical team through the development of the TOUCH Development Kit, released in November 2016, and was instrumental in the evolution of the technology to achieve higher resolution and a more refined haptic sensation.

‘Rob was part of Ultrahaptics before it even existed,’ commented Steve Cliffe, CEO of Ultrahaptics. ‘His involvement from day one and his insatiable enthusiasm to drive the technology to the limits of what we can achieve is an integral part of the culture of innovation we nurture at Ultrahaptics. This, combined with his extremely in-depth technical knowledge, from algorithms to potential applications, makes him the perfect addition to the senior management team.’

Blenkinsopp has been recognised by Electonics Weekly’s (EW) BrightSparks in the first year of awards during a ceremony at the Houses of Parliment on 3rd May 2017. EW BrightSparks awards young engineers who have already made a difference in the first years of their working life, as well as students who show the promise to become the people behind future innovation in electronics.
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