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‘Ultimate’ battery demonstrated by Cambridge researchers



Researchers at Cambridge Universityhas recently worked on Ultimate battery . this will be a Lithium Battery that will be having high energy density and will be around 90% more effcetive than any other traditional lithium battery . It has been so far recharged 2000 times.


This energy has been said to be comparable to the energy  of gasoline, that allows could allow a  car to be driven from London to Edinburgh on just one charge. According to the researchers these lithium Oxygen batteries have been taken as Ultimate batteries due to the density of energy being 10 times than that of Lithium In battery. This theory rules on the fluffy carbon electrode that is made up of grapheme having atom thick layers and alters the Reactions of the battery to be more stable and effective.  Addition to their theory  cycle can be utilizing only pure air as moisture and nitrogen in the air is not good for the metal electrodes.

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