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Trees to power: More storage capacity


Emily Cranston and Igor Zhitomirsky recearchers are tuning in for the trees to get ore sustainable and more efficient storage devices that can basically power everything including a smart watch to a electric car. These scientist are using cellulose from plant cell, bacteria, algae and tress to make a more efficient form of storage devices or called as super capacitors. This will result in high power batteries, that can be used in wearable devices, cars, toys, and other equipments.  Cellulose will be providing high strength and large flexibility to many applications round the globe. These will be termed as Nanocellulose materials. They will be so light weight that can be taken in any device as storage capacitors.  This will be equipped with a  3 dimensional energy ability that comes under materials science.

This foam is about the size of a rice grain which is highly synthesized but of nano meter dimension.  These rice grains will be attached together with glue making a mesh like structure, and thus will be very light weight. It will be used as a high power capacitor and much faster charging capacity across the globe. Thus it would be really accelerating and fast energy saving devices.

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