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Touchxpress controllers speed development of capacitive sensing applications

Touchxpress controllers speed development of capacitive sensing applications_popup

Silicon labs has recently came up with a new solution related to the touch Xpress family that has a fixed function controller that will be providing the fastest and easiest way to add up the low power capacities touch interfaces in the embedded designs henceforth. This robust CPT007B and the CPT112S are the touch Xpress controllers that will be eliminating  the time consuming firmware completely  by providing very simple turnkey solution to guide the same touch interface that will be then used in application and appliances such as consumer electronics, lightning controls and the medical instruments.

Both are the capacitive controllers that will be supporting the  features guiding them through moisture immunity and wake up proximity , along with touch out manually and also the heat detection technology inbuilt. It do have a buzzer feedback along with it.




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