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Toshiba announces next generation RF SOI process


Toshiba has developed a next generation apllication that is a optimised radio frequency RF switch named TarfSOI. According to the company Toshiba this RF switch is IC fabricated and uses the new TaRF8 process to achieve the insertion loss of around  0.32dB at 2.7GHz. On comparing the products used by Toshiba this  process,has improved insertion loss by  0.1dB on the same distortion characteristics like others. This has been normally designed for the smartphones the SP12T RF switch has an integrated MIPI REFE under the mobile applications. This device is suited to be used along with 3GPP GSM, UMTS, W-CDMA, LTE and LTE-Advanced standards.

As the days go by the need and trend of high data rate , transfer rate and RF in Mobile and smartphones are requiring multi port support and improved RF performances . This will be supporting the longer battery life for all the mobile devices. this new process will start its shipment in January 2016 .


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