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To infinity and beyond: Light goes infinitely fast with new on-chip material


In 21st century the photonic devices have gained a lot , they use light to transport huge amount of informations that too very quick and effectively. But there is lot more to do before these  electronic devices can be used in our daily lives. Some Researchers at Harvard John School of Engineering and Applied sciences have done an experiment to design a new on chip metamaterial that will be having a refractive index of zero. This means that it will be letting the light to travel at infinite fast speed.  This new metamaterial was developed in lab of Eric Mazur, who is the professor of SEAS .

Mazur said “Light doesn’t like to be squeezed or manipulated in its terms from one chip to another and it does not allow you to twist it , bend it or squeeze it . But this is a fantastic way to do so.” It is universal truth that nothing in the universe could travel the information faster than the light . But light also has its parameters. Thus speed of light can increase or decrease depending on its material used to transmit information. It is this when its Refractive Index is zero it starts behaving most unnaturally and fantastically. The higher the RI the more is the material interfacing with the wave crests.

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