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Test and measurement portfolio upgraded with six in one instrument




Recently Textronics has launched the MD04000C that is including the six instruments in it as a one unit , that will also be taken care of a full spectrum analyst. This company will be allowing the instruments to get updated over the time according to the requirements and the budget of the necessity.  This MDO4000C is a synchronized structure of the analogue and the digital waveforms that have RF spectrums. Its other features include logic analyzer, function generator and the protocol analyzer..


This spectrum analyzer will work in 60GHz spectrum span, it will also posses ability to synchronize the views with respect to the frequency domains and will perform vector signaling. It has a 50 percent larger display area now, with oscilloscope that could record the length of 20 Mpoint . Not only this it will be also capturing 340,000 waveforms per second in the capture rate.

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