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Tailor-made packaging of fibre-optic cables

Tailor made packaging of fibre optic cables_popup

METZ CONNECT has recently expanded its portfolio to a fiber optic cable products that are pre packed with installation cables in it. This pre configured installation will help the customers to be at ease. They are equipped with the high end connectors at both the ends under the OpDat brand along with specifications that define the length of the cable, connector and the combination of the number of fibers. This OpDat PCIC cable ranges between 4 and 48 fibers that will be demanding in the mechanical application areas used in both inside and outside the buildings  to facilitate the point to pint connections in the active and passive components.

OpDAT PCIC has cables with 4, 12, and 24 fibres that are used in indoors as well in the outdoors areas with a combination of patch fields along with OpDat sockets there in.


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