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ST’s Power MOSFETs enable smaller, greener automotive power supplies

STs Power MOSFETs enable smaller, greener automotive power supplies_popup

STMelectronics has recently introduced a new and latest range of its high voltage N channel MOSFET power ups that will be applicable in automotive applications.  This device will be built on the ST’ sMDmesh  DM2 junction technology that is capable f fast recovery in diode cases. This device also features a breakdown voltage that is over the 400 to 650 V range under the TO 247 packages. These 400 to 500 V devices are termed as industry;s first AEC Q101 qualified devices that have breakdown voltages inbuilt that will be offering a higher rate performance in terms of competitive products.

These devices are surely ideal for Zero volt switching devices. They have recovery charge in them . They features 20 percent lower RDS as compared to the other power generations. Their body also reduces the performance EMI issues and have smaller passive filtering issues in them.



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