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ST’s most advanced 32bit secure MCU

STs most advanced 32bit secure MCU_popup

STMelectronics have recently claimed that it has introduced the ST33J2M0 microelectronic that is normally based on the 32 bit AR securcore SC300 processor. This is basically claimed to have 2MByte of flash memory just doubling what was available earlier. It is is a 40nm process technology that will be cost effective and secure MCU that will surely provide a high performance and acceleration to the devices of its applications. It includes in it the highest crypto accelerators that will work with the industry in the fastest clock speed covering the CPU as well and memories and buses for the development.

This ST33 is a secure application that includes Secure element, single wire protocol SIMs and NFC applications also in the Universal Integrated Circuit cards. These features are useful in sections including diverse payment applications.



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