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Stretchy hydrogel ‘Band-Aid’ senses, lights up, delivers medicine


MIT engineers have came up with a new design that is Band aid of the future. It will be sticky , stretchable and a gel like material that will be used in place of the regular band aids. It will also have temperature sensors in it along with LED lights and other  electronic equipment , along with a tiny hole to enter the drug through the reservoirs and the channels provided. This basically a new way to the smarter wound dressing that will release the medicines in the changing skin temperature as well and is designed to light up.
If often becomes very difficult to bandage on areas such as elbow and knee thus these are highly stretchable and adjust on the flexible area , thus by keeping the body and the electronic functional and intact. The hydrogel, which Zhao detailed earlier this month, is a rubbery material, mostly composed of water, designed to bond strongly to surfaces such as gold, titanium, aluminum, silicon, glass, and ceramic.


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