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Storing electricity in paper

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Researchers at the Linkoping University has been deducing a way to store electricity in paper and have came up with a power paper. this material basically consists of a nanocellulose and a conductive polymer that in turns has the ability to store the electricity. They claim that the one sheet of this material of about 15 cm in diameter and a few tenths of the millimeter will be able to store 1 farad of energy that is similar to the capacity of super capacitors available in the market. They also state that this paper is capable of recharging just in seconds that too for hundred of times.

Xavier Crispin who is the  professor of organic electronics at Linköping University, said: “These Thin films that function as capacitors have been  existed for some time now and what we have done is only the experiment with them to produce a three dimensional material so a to produce thick  sheets.” This paper has been produced using simpler materials that is light in weight and has no dangerous chemicals in it like that of commercial batteries.


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