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Spin current detected at room temperature, says team


Researchers of Chalmers University of Technology are claiming that a ferromagnetic detector has been developed to sense the spinning of topological insulator surfaces at the room temperature itself. The team has been working over it on the bismuth selenide (Bi2Se3) that has been using ferromagnetic tunnel contacts with it , this contact is to deliver sensitive spin polarization, that will be measuring the nonresistance due to the parallel and non parallel alignments of the spin current .
According to Dr Andre Dankret ” The key factor is the room temperature results that are eventually good  quality topographical insulator crystals and the spin ferromagnetic contacts that is prepared by using clean room nano fabrications. ” These are the insulators in bulk but work with comparatively less resistant  and conventional materials. This has been possible due to the strong interaction between the electrons that spin and the orbital angular momentum.


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