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Smart home solution with ZigBee and Thread-ready connectivity

Smart home solution with ZigBee and Thread_popup

Silicon Labs has recently released a series of comprehensive designs that are truly claimed to reduce the time and marketing related to the development of ZigBee based home automation and lightning products.  With his new reference designs it will be including hardware , firmware and the software tools that will create a scalable , and feature rich home based products that will come from silicon Labs ZigBee ” Golden Unit” that is termed as home automation software stack and ZigBee system-on-chip mesh networking technology.
Silicon labs have reduced the complexity to a greater level by connecting ZigBee devices such as lights, doors and windows , switches sensors. It has created a home network. the design has been kept simple for the ease of the user and also provides ” DIY” Do it yourself home products. These reference designs also show cases the capacitive sense dimmable light switches and a door and window sensor . it can control the colour tunning and dimming of the lights as well.




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