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Simplifying GaN transistor circuit design

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GaN system has recently put forward its GS66508T -EVBHB . that is a half bridge Evaluation Board that will be demonstrating its performance on the GaN semicondustors in the real power circuits henceforth. GS66508T-EVBHB  Evan Board can be taken as the half bridge topology material. This board is capable to be used in synchronous with the boost or Buck connections and conversions, as well as with the pulse switching mode. This when used along with pulse switching mode evaluate the transistor waveform.
The kit contains the full documentations of the product inside it, along with thermal power management points and other specification details with layout.  This evaluation board consist of 650V , 30A GS66580T GaN fet, along with half bridge drivers  and a gate power supply. This GS66508T-EVBHB is a high power transistor taht belong to 650V family and has a high density to the devices thatcan attain 9

The evaluation board consists of two 650V, 30A GS66508T GaN FETs, half bridge gate drivers, a gate drive power supply, and heatsink.The GS66508T high power transistors are based on GaN Systems’ proprietary Island Technology and belong to its 650V family of high density devices which are said to achieve 98.7% power conversion efficiency at 1.5kW with switching speeds of >100V/nS and ultra-low thermal losses..

Power input should be 9 to 12Vdc, with a maximum of 15V.On-board voltage regulators create +5V for the logic circuit and +6.5V for the gate driver. The 30A/55m? GS66508T GaN power transistors are top-side cooled and feature near-chip-scale, thermally-efficient GaNPX packaging.

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