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Simplifying complex LED matrix designs

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Linear Technology has recently released the LT3965 that is a LED bypass switching system that has a dimming and diagnosing levels of upto eight  LED individual switches . This LT3965 works along with the conjunction of the circuit that is configured with it as a source of featuring this eight controlled floating 17V /330mO NMOS switches. This is a application that will be automotive in matrix LED headlights and used in industrial lightning system . This I2C serial interface will be claiming its point to provide the 256:1 doming ratio that will be with  or without the 11 bit resolution fade transition between the states of dimming .
Each switch will be able to control a single monitor LED up to the 16 V series segment that will be connected to the LEDs . When in multiple LT3965 will be used in larger applications it will be mastering the micro controller and the slaves .


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