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Silicon-based platform to develop of low-power ‘smart and connected’ devices




CEVA has recently introduces a silicon based development platform that will be definitely accelerating the development in the field of smart and connected devices. This platform is equipped  with connective, processing and sensing application software in it which will be serving as building blocks to the IoT devices.

This platform has been built around a power optimized Ceva that is TeakLite -4 DSP and a implemented silicon that will be running on 500MHZ. This DSP will be providing the designers with the link and platform to deploy smart and connected IoT devices. Moshe Shier who is the Director of strategic marketing at CEVA stated that “  This will be a diverting era in IoT applications applicable for Smartphones, mobile, wearable devices, that will be highly integrated . It will be also offering audio and voice sensing software in it that is always on voice detection mode.”

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