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Samsung new 10 story office in Silicon Valley


Samsung have came first in battle of building with 700 employees already in 1.1 Million Square feet. Apple is yet raising the walls of its head quarters. This new office of Samsung costs $300 million for semiconductor and LED office. Both the buildings are standing out in its style and size. Both the buildings are standing out in architecture boundaries, and unexpected collaboration.  the design of the building is a cube that shows its openness and insular mystic.

The semiconductor race is very dramatic one that will be a profile setter for smartphones. Samsung has spent on its Austin Fab which is one of the largest investment in U.S. at this time. a spokesman said that the business has a ramping 14 nm process under which it is making its largest Exynos ScCs. But they try to plan for the mass production for a 10 nm by trippling the pattern layers by the year end.

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