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Robust energy storage device powers smart cards

Robust energy storage device powers smart cards_popup

TDK has recently released the EDLC041720-050-2F-13 that is an ultra thin high energy capacitor which is suitable for giving powers to devices such as electronic paper in the smart cards sections. This will be available in the volume of  27 x 17 x 0.45mm, where the capacitor will be mounted inside a smart card . When it will be fully charged it is claimed to have 50 mJ of proper energy in it. Its fast charging technique shows that it can charge 5mF capacitance in less than 1s by NFC reader.
This device is also claimed to provide sufficient energy to power the biometric devices for authentication forms. Despite it is about one fifth of the thickness it has resistance to damages caused due to twisting, bending and other life problems. It will be suitable for many smart and contactless payment card applications.



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