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Robots to Mimic as Coackroaches


World has seen many robots in the form of Human, birds, cheetah, animals but now a more complex system has been developed by Russian research institute. The Scientists and researchers have worked on a cockroach   to make the robot with similar size and complexity as a cockroach would have. this approach would enable them to avoid any kind of obstacles coming in the way of robots that they cant face due to smaller areas or having walls on both the sides. They have successfully enabled the robot with this insects movements. The team has provided the Robot with a light sensor and non contact probes so that they can move without bumping into obstacles.

Science reporter Robert Ferris of  CNBC explained ” Roaches will have an advantage of thriving in tight, narrow spaces, even in places where surfaces are touching both sides of their bodies” This creation took almost 7 months under which first two months were dedicated to study cockroach behavior characteristics and movements. and then finally Roach was developed.

Russian military has expressed its interest in this Roach Robot has it can carry portable cameras to the places where it is not possible for any one. it would carry almost 10 gms of weight . Sputnik has put forward the report that explains that  scientists are set to present a sample of the robot cockroach in matte camouflage coloring.


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