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Researchers take first steps to create biodegradable displays for electronics


Currently researchers from the University of Missouri are on their way to create a biodegradable electronics using some organic components in the display screen. This advancement could one day surely result in reducing the electronics waste if done successfully. On an average record a single consumers shed off its mobile phone in every 22 months, either by throwing it away as the other 150 million phones are done.

When we talk about recycling this all electronics waste then World health Organization reports that this high exposure to electronics and its waste could definitely result in higher health risks.  This first biodegradable display electronics invention will be helpful in over coming this immense waste electronics is creating. The whole principle Is to eventually eradicate the electronics waste that the tablets and mobile phones are resulting into.  They basically create peptides that can self assemble them into beautiful nanostructures or nanotubes the main goal is to convert these nanotubes into templates for other materials. Right now in the display section blue light has been created they need to focus on red and green light also so as to make it a perfect display.

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