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Qualcomm declares 5G NR sub-6 GHz prototype at MWC Shangai


For the first time Qualcomm  announces a 5G New Radio prototype system and trial platform at the forthcoming Mobile World Congress Shanghai. The method, which works in the sub 6GHz spectrum, is said to show how 5G plans can accomplish multi Gbit/s data rates and low inertness in an effective way.

5G will make the best utilization of an extensive variety of spectrum bands, and using spectrum bandss beneath 6 GHz is a basic part allowing for flexible deployments with ubiquitous network coverage and a wide range of use cases

“The model further exhibits our initiative in building up unified, more suitable 5G air interface, expanding upon our long-standing mastery in conveying OFDM chips and technology with LTE and Wi-Fi,” said Matt Grob, pictured, Qualcomm Technologies’executive vice president and chief technology officer.

We are eager to team up with leading network operators like China Mobile Communications Corporation on 5G technology advancement and testing to support the work required for 3GPP 5G standardization.”

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