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Prototype optoelectronic microprocessor built using existing chip manufacturing

Prototype optoelectronic microprocessor built using existing chip manufacturing_popup

According to the researchers at the MIT university of  California and the University of Colorado they have deduced that optoelectronic microprocessor can be a reality. it will be computing electronically but will be using light as its source to move the information from one point to other. This chip has been produced by microchip fabrication facilities and will be designed and scaled up to have manufacturing uses.

It has also demonstrated the low power chips that are optical in nature and as no alterations on the existing semiconductors in its process of making But it was a challenge for the engineers to prepare such a material. According to the MIT scientist  Rajeev Ram ” Thi swas a whole new design to figure out possibility to make ingredients and process recopies to make the whole new transistors using the photo electrodes  light modulators and the optical filters.”


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