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Prolight + Sound 2023: ams OSRAM puts the spotlight on stage and event lighting

ams OSRAM_Prolight + Sound 2023

At this year’s Prolight + Sound, ams OSRAM (SIX: AMS), a global leader in optical solutions, will be presenting its specialty lighting division for first-class entertainment at all kinds of events from theater productions to music festivals. Booth E71 in Hall 12.1 at the Frankfurt fair is where visitors can learn about renowned product series such as the SIRIUS HRI reflector lamps and the Lok-it! Power Series.

ams OSRAM has been the trusted partner of professional lighting designers for many years, a partner that designers consistently rely on to turn their ideas for stage and event lighting into brilliant reality. At Prolight + Sound 2023, industry professionals and other interested parties should head to the ams OSRAM booth to discover how ams OSRAM continues expanding its already strong position in the market with high-quality lighting solution.

“This years Prolight + Sound is really special for us, as we have a lot more international customers at the show as last year which was first show after COVID 19. Especially the APAC customers had a strong comeback with traditional lamps after lock down,” says Michael Klopp, Head of Entertainment Lamps at ams OSRAM. “We are really happy to meet existing and potential new customers in Frankfurt.”

Visitors to Prolight + Sound 2023 can find out more at Hall E71, booth 12.1, Messe Frankfurt, Frankfurt am Main, Germany. For an overview of our entire entertainment product range go to

SIRIUS HRI – spectacular, every time

ams OSRAM presents SIRIUS HRI reflector lamps with particularly high luminance for moving heads including recently launched lamps in the SIRIUS HRI PRO, VALUE and CORE series.

  • SIRIUS HRI PRO. Premium products offering the highest output with very stable light over the increased lifetime, all features included. The PRO ECGs incorporate software for dimming of the lamps, allowing for the maximum performance over the longest lifetimes. Perfect for all applications and markets. New: SIRIUS HRI 420W and 420W S
  •  SIRIUS HRI CORE. Standard product offering the best combination of performance and lifetime without further control features. Perfect for all uses in entertainment stage lighting and architainment. Certified for all markets. New: SIRIUS 550W XL, SIRIUS 580W F.
  •  SIRIUS HRI VALUE. Standard product offering the best value for the price-focused buyer. High output with enhanced center intensity. Perfect for small clubs and venues. New: SIRIUS HRI 251W, SIRIUS HRI 311W, SIRIUS HRI 371W+.

SIRIUS HRI entertainment stage lighting lamps are suitable for indoor and outdoor lighting, especially at festivals. They deliver high power and luminous flux for compact moving heads.

The control gear and the lamps are produced by ams OSRAM and are therefore perfectly matched. A latest-generation integrated control board is available for both systems, enabling future smart modes of operation for longer lifetime and lower maintenance costs.

Lok-it! – amazing effects on stage

Specified in fixtures throughout the world, ams OSRAM Lok-it! lamps are known for their excellent brightness, reliability, and color quality. Designed for ease of use and safety, these lamps allow for handling only by the base, and insertion into the fixture from the back of the reflector, so there is less risk to the quartz capsule during installation or removal.

SharXS – bringing emotions to light Thanks to their diverse range of applications, it is no longer possible to imagine entertainment lighting without double-ended metal-halide lamps. With its modular SharXS HTI series, ams OSRAM offers a particularly energy-efficient and therefore affordable variant for use in moving heads, scanners, projectors and color changers.

HMI DIGITAL – true expressions revealed

For over 50 years, ams OSRAM HMI lamps have met the toughest demands of the film and TV industry. This award-winning technology has become integral to film sets around the world. HMI lamps are metal halide discharge lamps, which have excellent color rendering and photometric integrity throughout their life. HMI DIGITAL provides every feature needed to light traditional film productions, as well as theatre stages.

HMI DIGITAL 1600 and 18000W – the latest members of HMI DIGITAL family – are not only equipped with UV-blocking glass but also with improved mechanical stability and robustness.

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