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Premier EDA recognised by Investment in Young People




Premier EDA solutions were awarded as the Young People mark for its brilliant commitment to assist the young people to get from education to employment. This work has been in progress since 2011, It was Phillip Mayo the Director of Premiere EDA who has started the Young people development program. This program has initially taken 11 students to attend the residential training in the university later on this course grew to engineering subjects that further grew to 22 students. This premiere now works with secondary schools also.  It basically offers six placements every year for the students.

Derek Kozel, director of development, said that “ the youth Development programmers an impressive show to work for the progress of the youth that will provide them valuable skills that will transit from education into the workplace.” Investment in young development program was an award gaining initiative that assists almost 5 top 25 people fro education to work in the world. This is basically helping them to create a key stage between electronic world.

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