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Photonic ‘sintering’ may create new solar and electronics manufacturing technologies

Photonic sintering may create new solar, electronics manufacturing technologies_popup

Some of the Engineers at the Oregon State University have been claiming that they have met a breakthrough development in Physics of the photonic sintering that will be used in solar cells and in all the flexible electronics and the sensors and other high end devices that are printed on sopmething as a sheet of paper. Sintering is the basic focus on the nanoplastics that forms the solids , and a thin film like structure of many purposes and have a whole new impact on the technology.

The university experts have discovered a approach to understand and realist the control over the photonic sintering that has been viewed as the basics of the physics that will be leading to the overestimation and high quality product and efficiency. This is based on the new perspective that researchers believe that a high quality products are at lower temperatures that will be twice as fast as any other device more that efficiency.  Lower temperature is the basic real key .



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