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Pebble Smartphone to Wirelessly connect and use your Phone apps.


Eric Migicovsky is 25 year old University student that has already pre sold 85,000 units of his future gadgets that will be delivered later this year.  He has invented a smartwatch and Pebble that will be connecting wirelessly through Bluetooth to any iPhone or Android smartphone and can make uses of the apps in it. And therefore it is the only smartwatch that does this. It has many applications some of which includes making calls, emails, texts, and checking social media normally it will be having potential to use unlimited applications.  He will be releasing an open software development platform kit that will allow the users to manipulate their devices similar to what Apple’s provide with its smartwatch kit.

Currently it includes music app, fitness tracker that will be monitoring you while jogging or cycling . Migicovsky has basically taken the technology of e-paper display that user to read in dark as well as in Sunlight area.  That provides the battery life of around 7 days and is USB rechargeable. It will be available in White , black and Red colour. for $ 125.



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