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Optical chips to become more versatile

Telecommunication networks will soon over come their bottlenecks of physical limits of current technology. Roberto Morandotti and his team are finding the way to this problem by removing current technical barriers by use of optical chips. In order to do so they have to remove the quantum properties of light. Eventually, Polarization will now be under controlled parameters for holding light in all the host appliances. The new device developed at INRS will help to boost and create low cost, high performance, energy efficient technologies.

In today’s era it is important to integrate optical components in on chips under circuits. Recently a stable ultrafast laser based resonator has been introduced they are further working on maximizing the control of photon and light beam properties to increase the functionality.

Dr. Morandotti has achieved results by using optical effect called four-wave mixing, under which he has produced photons pairs with polarization for elimination unwanted frequencies. The wide variety of complex quantum states that can be generated by this device has the potential to offer a tremendous advantage for optical communication and applications such as signal processing and spectroscopy.

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