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Nitrogen-doping can triple the capacity of supercapacitors

Nitrogen can triple the capacity of supercapacitors

Talking about Researchers from china and America have been claiming that nitrogen has the property to triple the energy that is been stored in the carbon based super capacitors thus making them more potential as compared to the advance batteries used now a days.  Supercapacitors will be capturing and thus releasing the energy that will be more quickly used in batteries and store less energy . But today carbon based supercapacitors are being used up thus having a high surfcae area that can store more and more charge on them. accordingly this will be an enhanced capacitor ability that will be vital for the use of stored energy . If for example we broke a battery or sound barrier then it will quickly discharge .

These new capacitors will be storing as much energy as an lithium ion batteries would ever store  thus by achieveing 70 W  to 20 W /kg.


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