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New tool to kill background apps and save Android battery


Researchers of Purdue University have studied 2000 units of Samsung galaxy S3 and S4, and have reached on the conclusion that around 28.9% of our battery is drained out while our phone’s screen is off. The background apps drains our battery while our screen is off, and they wake up automatically at regular intervals resulting in 28.9% of drainage.

They have developed an App called ” HUSH”, that would be responsible for killing these background apps, and henceforth rescuing our batteries from draining. “During screen-off, the phone hardware should enter the sleep state, draining close to zero power,” said Y. Charlie Hu, a Purdue professor of electrical and computer engineering.

This app Hush can reduce the battery drain upto 16 % , the background apps does not let the phone sleep due to software bugs as they keep on waking up automatically. “The Hush system dynamically identifies app background activities that are not useful to the user experience on a per-app basis and suppresses such background app activities during screen-off to reduce the battery drain,” the researchers wrote in a blog post.

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