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New high voltage reed relays from Pickering Electronics on show at the India EV Show2024

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Visit Pickering Electronics on booth#E01at the India EV Show in Chennai, IndiaonJune 29th& 30th, 2024

Clacton-on-Sea, UK: Leading manufacturer of high performance reed relays, Pickering Electronics will showcase its comprehensive range of high voltage (HV) reed relays – including its Series 219surface mount reed relay and the 5kV version of its single-in-line Series 104 reed relay – on booth #E01 at the India EV Show 2024, taking place on June 29th & 30th, in Hall No. 3 at Chennai Trade Centre,in Chennai, India.

Supported by the Government, the India EV Show’s 4th edition is India’s largest electric vehicle (EV)trade show and technical conference, covering the entire EV ecosystem to spark innovation and forge connections between emerging start-ups and established heavyweights in the electric mobility arena. The event attracts a diverse array of industry leaders, including automotive giants, charging solution and battery innovators, test facilities, software developers, MaaS innovators, drivetrain specialists, financial experts, and legislators—all united to propel progress and collaboration. With over 5,000 visitors and more than 120 exhibitors, the show is a prime opportunity to explore the future EV landscape and India’s global role in e-mobility.

“Pickering’s extensive range of high-performance reed relays for high voltage applications can stand off from 1.5kV to 15kV and switch 500V to 12.5kV at up to 200W,” said Robert King, Product Development Manager at Pickering Electronics,“And to serve the broadest range of applications, they are available in multiple form factors and contact configurations (including 1 Form A, 2 Form A, 1 Form B and 1 Form C) – with PCB pins, chassis or PCB mounting, or flying leads for HV connections.”

Ideal for EV charge point testing, Pickering’s Series 219HV SMD (surface mount device) reed relay can effortlessly switch up to 1kV – and is the only surface mount high voltage relay available in 2 Form A and 1 Form B packages. All contact configurations are offered with 3V, 5Vor 12Vcoil voltages, and switch stand-off is up to 3kV in the 1 Form A package, up to 2kV in the 1 Form B package, and up to 1.5kV in the 2 Form A package.Furthermore, the company’s latest addition to its HV Series 104 family is the first miniature SIL/SIP (single-in-line) reed relay with a stand-off of up to 5kV and up to 1.5kV switching – particularly advantageous where a compact design is essential, since the devices can stack at just 6.35mm. Despite its size, the relay maintains reliable performance, ensuring that high voltage switching or control operations can be conducted effectively and safely.

At the show, Pickering will also highlight other reed relays from its high voltage range, including the Series 67 & 68 families. These relays feature former-less coils, allowing for a smaller package size than usual at just 58.4 x 12.6 x 14.5mm. Series 67 relays offer PCB connections for both switch and coil and provide the highest power switch capability—up to 200W—in Pickering’s HV relays portfolio. Series 68 devices have PCB connections for the coil and flying leads for the switch, isolating high voltage from the PCB. An optional electrostatic shield between the switch and coil helps minimize noise between the coil drive and high voltage circuits. Additionally, Pickering’s Series 131mini SIL HV reed relays are the smallest high voltage relays currently available in the industry.

Pickering’s high voltage isolation relays are ideal for many applications include EVs,high-end cable testers, backplane testers, mixed-signal semiconductor testers, medical electronics, solar energy, big physics, in-circuit test equipment, and high voltage instrumentation.

Also at The India EV Show 2024, Pickering Group will showcase modular signal switching and sensor simulation technologies for electronic test and verification from its switching and simulation division, Pickering Interfaces, as well as cables and connectors from its interconnect division, Pickering Connect.

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