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New handheld process calibrators


Yokogawa has recently came up with the new handheld calibrators. This is a CA300 series that will be featuring the best accuracy so far and stability in each of its module that has been incorporated and forms a loop diagnosis , with thermocouple simulation and the resistance temperature detector respectively.  These new models will b e aiding up the periodic detection and inspection of the field measurement along with plant maintenance operations.

 As it focuses on the accuracy and stability that it will be reflecting in the stable and safe operations performed at the plants that will require great efficiency along with higher quality. These three new models of CA300 series are CA310 volt/mA that forms the  loop diagnosis . The CA320 is a dedicated process calibrator designed for the inspection and calibration of thermocouples and temperature controllers, and again offers a threefold enhancement with a typical accuracy of ±0.5°C for a Type K thermocouple.

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