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New device uses carbon nanotubes to snag molecules


Engineers at MIT have recently deduced that there is a new technique to trap the hard to detect molecules by using the method of forests of carbon nanotubes.  This team has modified the microfluid channel and has an array of aligned carbon of nanotubes it will be rolling the lattices of the carbon atoms and will also resemble the tiny tubes of the chicken wire.  This method is used to create the three dimensional of the array of the carbon nanotubes .

This study was published in the journal of the Microengineering and Nanotechnology. This research of the array of the ability to trap these kinds of the particles. To get to it the team has created the layer by layer polymers of these electric charge. These will be chemically binded with bioparticles that will be through the forest with antibodies that binds the prostate specific antigen (PSA), a common experimental target.

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