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NeoCortec demonstrated full sensor to cloud solution at Embedded World 2024

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Simple and quick to setup plus easy data processing in the cloud

At Embedded World 2024 in Nuremberg, Germany in April 2024, NeoCortec, the experts on wireless connectivity and providers of ultra-low-power bi-directional wireless mesh network hardware and software solutions, demonstrated how easy it is to create a full sensor to cloud solution using NeoMesh Click boards from MikroE and the IoTConnect cloud solution from Avnet Abacus. On its stand and in two of the exhibition halls (Hall 3 and Hall 3A), NeoCortec set up a NeoMesh wireless sensor network containing of 35 nodes all mounted in different locations. It only took a few hours to set everything up and establish the fully battery-powered network by simply switching on the nodes in an arbitrary sequence.

NeoCortec collected Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) data from the two exhibition halls, measuring temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide (CO2) levels. Additionally, the number of Bluetooth devices near each node was counted to estimate the number of people present throughout the day. For the nodes, NeoCortec used NeoMeshClickboards from MikroElektronika, combining three Clickboards on a development board with a battery for each node. A BeaglePlay board from Beagleboard, equipped with a NeoMeshClickboard, served as the gateway. The data was uploaded to Avnet’s IoT Connect cloud platform. Dashboards were developed to visualize the IAQ data and Bluetooth beacon heatmap, allowing visitors to NeoCortec’s stand to view them using the NeoMesh monitoring tool.

For further information about NeoCortec’s demo at Embedded World 2024 please click here.

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