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Navitas and PowerAmerica Accelerate Next-Gen Semiconductors to “Electrify our World™”


High-tech consortium drives the development, commercialization, and adoption of GaN and SiC ‘wide-bandgap’ technologies

Navitas Semiconductor (Nasdaq: NVTS), the industry-leader in gallium nitride (GaN) power integrated circuits (ICs), has announced its membership of PowerAmerica, the consortium working to accelerate the adoption of next generation GaN and silicon carbide (SiC) power electronics.

Established in 2014, PowerAmerica brings together the brightest minds and leading innovators in the world of wide-bandgap (WBG) semiconductors. As a member of PowerAmerica, Navitas will provide input into initiatives to help companies that use power semiconductors to upgrade beyond legacy silicon, and access resources and relationships contributing to business growth.

GaN is a next-generation, WBG technology that runs up to 20x faster than legacy silicon and enables up to 3x more power, 40% energy savings and 3x faster charging in half the size and weight. Navitas’ GaNFast™ power ICs integrate GaN power and drive plus sensing, protection and control to deliver simple, small, fast and efficient power conversion performance. With adoption by customers including Samsung, Dell, Xiaomi, Lenovo and LG, this technology is now available with a 20-year limited warranty – a critical accelerator for GaN’s adoption into higher-power data center, solar and EV markets.

“The upgrade from legacy silicon to WBG semiconductors is critical to supporting environmental goals by dramatically reducing power consumption and accelerating the adoption of sustainable technologies,” said Dan Kinzer, Navitas’ COO/CTO and co-founder. “The consortium’s membership network of entrepreneurs, technologists and academic partners is helping to drive this revolution and we are excited to be part of this increasingly-important eco-system.”

Navitas Sr Director of Marketing, Llew Vaughan-Edmunds, is currently the chairman of PowerAmerica and will lead the MAC meeting during the PowerAmerica 2022 Summer Workshop on NC State Campus in Raleigh, NC on August 2nd. Navitas will host a technology seminar at the workshop to introduce leading-edge GaNFast power ICs with GaNSense™ technology, and stress high-quality, high-capacity manufacturing with over 40,000,000 units shipped and zero reported GaN-related field failures.

Professor Victor Veliadis, PowerAmerica’s Executive Director and CTO, adds: “With its proven integrated-GaN technology and its focus on applications that range from consumer electronics through electric vehicles to data centers and solar power, Navitas brings important technology and solutions knowledge to the PowerAmerica eco-system. We look forward to working with the company’s leadership and engineering teams in support of our objective to accelerate the next generation of power electronics.”

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