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Multiple output power IC from Toshiba


Toshiba Electronics has recently came up with a general purpose IC that has multiple outputs and functionality safety circuits attached to it that will be used in automotive applications. This is termed as TB9044FNG and housed in an HTSSOP48-P-300-0.50 package measuring 6.1mm by 12.5mm x 1.0mm. Safety circuit systems in automotive like the EPS that is Electric power steering and the braking systems will be benefiting from this and will meet the required specifications of ASIL D that has highest automotive safety levels with ISO 26262 safety standards fulfilled.

This IC will be integrating a lot of failure detection functions such as the high voltage and the low voltage detection and a monitor against the IC for detecting its own failure in the system.  just to provide much higher functional safety a diagnosing circuit is also fitted for the failure detection


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