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Mouser – GPIO gesture trackpads available in a range of popular shapes and sizes (Azoteq TPS65-P101)


  Mouser’s GPIO gesture trackpads are now available in different shapes and sizes named as Azoteq TPS 65P101. It will be having many variants in relation to its shapes and sizes that will be enhancing the integration of one product into other products of new or existing category. Azoteq is now providing a prosense Trackpad Module that will be tackling the GPIO gestures available through Mouser.

This is the part of the pro sense series module where the trackpad modules will be providing the best in class sensitivity to the touch and acknowledged device. It will be providing best signal-to -noise ratio and superb power consumption.  It has automatic tunings for sense electrodes, this prosense tracking pad and module part of the ProxSense series, the trackpad modules provide best-in-class sensitivity, signal-to -noise ratio and power consumption. With automatic tuning for sense electrodes, the ProxSense Trackpad Modules assures an optimum production. These trackpads ar round and handy designed for bluetooth devices for remote controlling, home automation or any other  PC applications.

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