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Monitoring critical blood levels in real time in the ICU



EPFL has recently developed a small miniature sized microfluid device that will be bringing a real time glucose, lactose or a.s.o level monitoring that will help to react more quickly.  It is not larger than a small pack of chewing gum, designed by EPFL’s Integrated System Laboratory that is simple in its appearance .  It is a little black case with two very small thin tubes that contains one real wonders in it. Basically it has biosensors in built that can measure different level of substances in glucose and blood serum that can eventually transfer the results in real time to a tablet via Bluetooth connectivity.

This is connected to a drainage tube that will be already in place and much more invasive. Working on this principle around 40 molecules could be added in real time. It will automatically reduce the number of devices to be used and also the psychological boon . Initially a prototype of this device was made using 3D printer and on rodent .

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