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Microchip – Cost-efficient CI+ based pay TV in automotive infotainment via MOST technology


Microchip has recently announced that system designers can now use microchip’s broad product of MOST technology to make it cost effective CI+Based pay Tv in their cars.Most cooperation has released its latest product that is is MOST stream Transmission Specification that includes MOST CI+ license agreement . CI+ is basically an additional security provided to DVB interface that connects and protects the content using digital Transmission Content Protection . Accordingly it will be compatible with consumers electronics devices such as televisions , set top boxes and can access plug in CI modules.

Daan Termer who is the vice president of Microchip Automotive Information Systems has sated that” We are proud to offer our customers a complete and easy to use solution to make automobiles digital video CI protected , we have again made a collaborations with our consumers to commit to their needs.” If we talk about the most innovative and infotainment automobile services than MOST offers the most intelligent network interface controllers that basically supports the high quality video streaming.


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