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Measuring nanoscale features with fractions of light

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National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) researchers have claimed that to used optical microscopes could be a new era in emitting the tiny fractions of the light that are approaching to 10 nm. This microscope will be a combination of through the lens viewing technique that is commonly called as scatter field imaging. this NIST team will be measuring the patterns that were been featured on a silicon wafer of around 30 times smaller than the usual wavelength of light that is 450 nm . They have also  reported that measurements of the 16nm etched lines on a wafer were accurate to 1nm.
This team will be confirming the atomic force microscope soon that achieves the sub nanometer resolution but is really slow. Richard Silver, who is the the physicist who initiated NIST’s scatterfield imaging effort, said: ” This light based optical microscope will be making all the necessary requirements ful filled at a great resolution and making visible even the crisp details , however light definitely scatters when it strikes  thus called sub wavelength features and its arrangements .”
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